Baker’s Hill is the place to be when people want to buy pasalubong. They have all Palawan delicacies that tourists would love. That includes the Palawan’s cashew nuts and hopia. I intended to blog just for the Baker’s Hill alone because this is my most favorite place in Puerto Princesa. Everything seemed to be picture perfect, that I cannot help myself from taking pictures in every corner.



This is how it looks like outside. Listed are the names of their special delicacies.  Just a little information on how to get to Baker’s Hill from the City, you will need to ride a tricycle as it is the cheapest means of transportation going to Baker’s Hill. Tricycle drivers offer a city tour from P500-700 and they will take you to 5-6 tourist spots in the city. If you will just go to Baker’s Hill alone, you will be charged for P20-30 pesos one-way ride. It is best to ask the tricycle driver to wait for you since you will have a hard time getting a tricycle back to the city.  Now, let us have a little tour inside the Baker’s Hill.



That’s me and my wonderful friends who are as excited as I am for this tour.



As soon as you entered Baker’s hill, you already felt at home. It’s just like strolling in your own backyard (except that it is a really huge backyard).



They also have a souvenir shop inside for those who want to buy some Palawan shirts, key chains and other pasalubong items.



Lovers would really love this heart shaped frame stand.



The garden is very clean and green. It has been properly maintained.



And who would not love to have a carriage and horse in the backyard? It looks too enchanting; you can even ride on the horse.



Witweew!! Hey there sexy Marilyn.



Oh! I bet this statue is even sexier than Marilyn.



Shake-A-Hula is a refreshment bar. It is ideal for tourist who wants to chill from a hot day tour.



Baker’s Hill is a really clean place. It’s too clean; you would be ashamed to throw your garbage anywhere.



This is the Baker’s Kitchen pizza parlor. Pizza fanatics will surely love this place.



This is the Baker’s Kitchen Restaurant in Baker’s Hill.



You would be amazed with this place because they have all the things you need, from dining, refreshments, pizza, bakeshop, garden and even playground. Yes, they do have a garden and playground; you will see that on the succeeding photos.



This is another restaurant across the Baker’s Kitchen Restaurant. It is like an extension since it still goes with the same name. And yes, there is another Marilyn standing in the entrance to lure some customers. Lol!



Beside the restaurant is Cinderella and her 7 dwarfs. Cute, isn’t it?



Floating petals in a basin of water.

We are now approaching Baker’s Hill garden with a very nice landscape idea.

DSC_0953 DSC_0955

And this is the playground that I am talking about. Parents will surely love this place coz they will be able to stroll while leaving their little tots to play in the playground.



Cool Aviary signage!

The following photos are the beautiful landscape of the Baker’s Hill Garden. It is such a romantic place; I am head over “hills” in love!

DSC_0958 DSC_0962 DSC_0967 DSC_0968b DSC_0968c

Alert! Alert! Pirates ahead. Lol.



The lovely Shriek Family! Mommy Fiona and the kids.



Oh! There goes Daddy Shriek. Let me give you some love Daddy Shriek!



Cool toilet! Would you love to pee in there?



So cute! That’s my friend Jenifer right there.



Oh god! I am gonna be eaten by a big Anaconda. Spare me my life, please!



This is the first house of the owner when they were starting Baker’s Hill. What’s great about this family is that they started from a humble beginning.


This is now the new house of the owner. I guess people who strived for success reaped the fruits of their hard labor, as evidence by the life that they lavish now. Who would expect that a small business would become one of your province tourist attractions?

DSC_1003 DSC_1003a

And this is the very first reason for their success. The bakeshop that stood the test of time and recipe of their hopia and other delicacy has been incomparable.



This is the most chewy and delicious crinkles I have ever tasted, and yes the cheapest. If I will go back to Puerto Princesa I will buy and bring home a lot of this.



Palawan is very popular with their Cashew nuts. It is also in Palawan where cashews are the cheapest. That is because Palawan is the largest manufacturer of cashew nuts.

Breads I love!!

DSC_1007 DSC_1010

This is their Super-moist choco caramel cupcake. Believe me, it is too mouth-watering you’ll forget your name after one bite. Lol. Exaggeration it is.



And last but not the least, their very popular hopia. It’s very delicious and cheap at 40-45 peso price per box. No wonder this is the tourist favorite pasalubong.

I hope you enjoyed our Baker’s Hill little tour. Post your comments for questions and I will answer them for you.

Next blog: Puerto Princes, Palawan (Sta. Monica Mitra’s Ranch and Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour)

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This trip has been our most anticipated trip by the time we booked our flight last January. This is supposed to be my birthday trip, since I personally asked by friends to travel with me on my 24th birthday. However, our scheduled date did not fall on the date of my birthday because it was booked July 22-26. Nevertheless, I am still grateful that I will be travelling with my friends.


Being the excited travelers, we even bothered to take a picture at the departure area of Mactan International Airport. We are travelling light, so we decided to pack only the things that are necessary for this travel. I had 2 bags (a backpack and a sling bag), brought my DSLR camera for documentation purposes and a huge tripod. To my surprise, my friends only carried one full backpack; indeed they are travelling light than I am! Well, the good thing is that they were able to help me with my camera and tripod.

As the usual drill in the airport, our bags passed through a scanner and I was surprised because the security asked me to open my sling bag. Of course, I am a bit terrified because we might not know what I have been packing all along. The security asked me if I am carrying a weapon, by that time, I was thinking that my Swiss army knife will be doomed. I only carried my Swiss army knife because, we might not know, I will need to open a can or a bottle (Girl Scout as I am). I didn’t have a choice but to surrender it to the airport authorities and heads up, all those confiscated items will never be returned.


Touched down at Puerto Princesa Airport! I was overwhelmed with excitement; I don’t have time to think about my Swiss army knife anymore.


Inside the airport, there is this signage that will help you choose an accommodation for your stay. You also have the option to visit the City Tourism Office for inquiries on the hotels, lodge and pension houses. They have the list as well as the prices of the hotels. All you need to do is to choose what hotel suits your budget. The City Tourism Office is just beside the airport, it is the first building on the right.



As soon as we have chosen the pension house that we wished to stay, the City Tourism officer called the pension house for them to pick us up at the Airport.



Puerto Princesa is now a really urbanized City. They have this huge television screen on the highway that provides information about Palawan. Indeed “highly informative”.



This is the pension house that we stayed during our Puerto Princesa trip. It is Audissie Pension. They have economical rooms for those who are on a really tight budget, just like us. For inquiries you may refer to their site for prices.



Audissie Pension is near the Baywalk. We just walked for 5 minutes and voila! this is the view that we saw.

DSC_0051 DSC_0062

The fish design in the middle of the park is very eye catching.


My friends and I are enjoying the view. Everything seemed to be picture perfect and we cannot help ourselves but to pose in every corner.



Peacock is the symbol of Puerto Princesa.  This peacock statue lights up at night giving it a radiant glow.



This is one of the cleanest parks I’ve visited. There are people who maintain the cleanliness of the park, you will see trash bins in the corner and therefore, there will be no reason for people to throw garbage everywhere.



Beautifully planted flowers that served as a barrier. It looks too lovely!

Now let’s move on to another tourist spot.



This is the entrance of the Palawan Special Battalion WW-II Memorial Museum. Looks to simple, isn’t it? Wait until you see what’s inside.


DSC_0111 DSC_0113 DSC_0114

A tomb of honor dedicated to the guerrillas who fought during the war.


Buick vintage car that was used last 1957. You wouldn’t believe how it was taken with utmost care. It has been preserved for decades.


DSC_0143 DSC_0153


Another army vehicle that was preserved along with the other rusting guns, ammunition, and other war paraphernalia.

DSC_0154And there goes my warrior friend Aisa, positioning for battle. The good thing about this museum is, you can ride the car and wear the army uniforms. It is not just for display just like all other museums.  And please take note, the uniforms was used by the American soldiers who fought during the war. Looks like we’ve been possessed by our mighty soldiers right here. Lol! Kidding!



Don’t mess with me or you’ll see what’s coming for you! Lol!



And we are now ready for battle. Brace yourselves for the war of the century!


DSC_0161 DSC_0162

Can you guess the country of the flag that I am holding? It is the flag of my dream country.


Such a cool military ambiance. Looks like we have time traveled to 1940’s.



These are the photos during the war. Each photo has meaning and significance, as it explains what happened during the time of the war and it will be explained by the museum representative.



The following photos will show you the collection of the war pieces that was kept in this museum.


IMG_1246 IMG_1248

There will be a P30 entrance fee for the tour that will be used for the maintenance and care of the museum.



After our time travelling escapade on the WW-II museum, we went to Dolphin and Whales Travel and Tours to book for firefly watching. The cost for the firefly watching is P1,100 and this includes transfer from hotel to boat travel and seafood dinner by the bay.



As for safety, passengers need to wear life jackets for the entire boat trip. Travelling time will take 20 minutes and the maximum passengers for the trip will be 20 persons. During the trip, a tour guide will provide us information about fireflies and its origin (I will not be discussing what I knew about fireflies as it would spoil the excitement of those who wants to go on firefly watching at Puerto Princesa).



As soon as we arrived at the location 10 passengers will be transferred to a smaller boat to go on firefly watching for 40 minutes and the other 10 passengers will stay on the big boat to enjoy seafood dinner by the bay. As for this tour, we did not volunteer to go for firefly watching as we want to eat first. Yes, we are naturally born eaters. Lol!



The menus for our dinner are:

Birds nest soup

Pepino salad

Mango with bagoong

Grape-like seaweed

Fried tangigue



Chicken adobo


This includes 250ml bottled water. The Coke that you see in the photo has a separate price of P50. Please bear with the photos as I do not have the time to take pictures during this time. My hands and my mouth are obviously busy. This is the best dinner I’ve had in Puerto Princesa! I was too full, I felt sleepy afterwards (baboy syndrome).



Just after our feast, the first batch arrived and we then took their place to sail for the much awaited firefly watching. My friend Jenifer cannot contain her excitement as this is the first time that she will see fireflies. I was not able to take pictures of the fireflies because my camera battery died. In order for you to appreciate fireflies on the mangrove trees, I Googled a photo that looks exactly what we saw that night.


All we could say during the whole firefly watching trip is “wow”. This has been a wonderful experience and a must-try for everyone. We enjoyed it so much and for sure, you will enjoy it too.



As we are sailing back to the port, my friend Jenifer was able to capture the Baywalk during the night. Lights are everywhere and it is just so beautiful.



The round light that you see on the Baywalk is the peacock statue. It looks too lovely I want to bring it home.



Baywalk at night has seafood restaurants that you can dine. These are the fresh sea foods that will be cooked for you.


It has been a lovely day. We were tired but happy on our first day tour.

Next blog: Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Baker’s Hill)

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DSC_0835 DSC_0836 DSC_0837 DSC_0879 DSC_0883 DSC_0889 DSC_0896 DSC_0903 DSC_0938


Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Cocorigo

Shoes: Zanea

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Aisa Mangompit

Hype this look at Lookbook here.

Jumpsuit is something that most people don’t wear. I also do not like jumpsuit before, because I always have a problem if I go to the toilet and pee. Well, I guess people can relate to this since you will need to remove everything in order for your call of nature urgency to be satisfied. I bet we are not used to be naked when going to pee, right?

The reason why I wore this jumpsuit this time is because, I fell in love with the style and I absolutely love the color. Jumpsuits have been a trend since last year and there are only few people who can carry this look. That goes to same issue of being afraid to experiment and people think that jumpsuit will only be suitable to tall people. Oh! I will definitely disagree. I only stand 5 ft in height, (well, plus 3-5 inches heels sometimes) but this only made me look taller. To those who are afraid to wear a jumpsuit, first, try the most comfortable jumpsuit that you can find, style it with accessories and wear your killer heels. That’s how jumpsuit magic works!

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