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Outfit Details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Parisian

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Cardigan: Lovely HiHi

Photos by: Ma. Kay Bernadette Lumbab

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This is my most laid-back look. I did not put eye make up to emphasize the shape of my eyes; therefore, I look more Chinese today. I also did not put on my usual pinkish red lipstick, high heels and layers of accessories. Posting fashion blogs enable us to see hot fashion trend, tips on how to dress up appropriately and how to rock a boring outfit. Today is not a boring outfit. It’s like I want people to catch a glimpse of me with the simplest outfit that I found in my closet for a casual day. Why do people only wear dresses for special occasion? Why can’t people wear dresses on a casual day? For me wearing a dress is the like a no-brainer thing. All you need to do is put on one piece of clothing without thinking of what to pair with it. It is the best way of showing your feminine side and sexuality. Just do it one day at a time, once you’ll get used to it, you’ll love dresses more than any piece of clothing.

Is the place look too familiar for some? Watch out for my follow up blog for this.

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Outfit details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Cardigan: Topshop

Stockings: City Lady

Shoes: So Fab!

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon

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The outfit that I am hyping today makes me feel so young. I guess it is just appropriate for me to wear something that suits my age. Though I am into clothes that would make me look mature, I have also tried experimenting on putting pieces together that would make me look youthful and mature with a touch of feminine class.

This dress looks too short for me. I mean if I will just stand, it just looks fine but not when I bend over. What I did is to pair it with a black stocking to create an illusion that I have something that could cover a possible exposure of areas I wish to be hidden.  I had an idea of pairing it with black leggings, but I somehow find stocking to be more sexy because of the thin clothing. A little skin exposure would just be fine since we don’t want to be all out conservative with this fashion right? Black pumps added an attitude to this outfit. Surely it made me look even sexier. Pumps are sexy, but it I will be honest that pumps makes me walk uncomfortably as I am used to wearing wedges. I am now practicing with pumps and I am getting good at it.  The cardigan even made this outfit looks very lovely and cute. And accessories from Beads and Pearls definitely completed this look.

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I am not a food blogger, it is absolutely a fact. However, just lately, I got inspired of taking food photographs. Its art and beauty fascinates me and I cannot help myself from sharing my new discovery.  Being a fashion blogger doesn’t mean that I only limit myself on reading fashion blogs. I also read food blogs for the sake of finding a decent place to dine. I can be a critic of a good food based on what my taste buds tells me.

My neighbors invited me to visit a resto 2 blocks away from the apartment that we are living. Duz Grill is located at 4th Street here in San Antonio Village Apas, such an ideal place for people living in 7th Street who wish to find a good place to dine.

I am not good in history taking of how things started just like all food bloggers do, but since one of my friends (also a food blogger) already gathered information which later shared to us said, that this place is named after the chef/owner Alduz Aizon. It opened late last year and became known because of its tender rib specialty at a very reasonable price.


This is the al fresco area for those who want to dine outside. 



The color and the heart design looks too romantic. I will surely dine here with someone special soon. Lol.



That is the main house; the ground floor was turned into a restaurant. You may be in a restaurant, but you will still have a homey feel.



Me and my friends Crisly and Judy, under the spectacular wood design. I don’t know how to call it.


This is the entrance to the main house. I really love the design of the chandelier.



We were greeted with the lovely Madame Malou. She is so nice, we felt like VIP’s. She is the mother of chef Duz by the way.



This is how it looks like inside. There are 4 tables, a conference room on the right side and a hearts room (cannot be seen on this pic).



I don’t know why, but everywhere I go I always look at chandeliers and lighting designs. This one is really cool and unique.


09 10




This is the conference room. Ideal for out of the office conferences and you will still feel like you are inside your own office.



This is the entrance to the hearts room. This has been reserved for us. They always advice for reservation, so that your food will be prepared ahead of time.



This is the corner table inside the hearts room. They have a flat screen TV opposite to the big table so that you will still be able enjoy watching your favorite show and your tender ribs at the same time. Isn’t this place very homey?



This is my favorite wall frame. It says “C’est mon coq” which means “That’s my rooster” in French.




Beautiful lamp beside the main table.

The menu:



They do not have a lot, so you will not have a hard time choosing. This is very ideal for me because, I always have a hard time making a decision on what I really want to eat. I will just end up asking the waiter for their specialty.

17 18


Beware: the following photos will make you salivate.



Meat – O. P80.00



Ribs original – P175.00. I swear to god, this is one on the best ribs I’ve tasted. It’s very tender and flavorful.



Ribs spicy – P180.00. My sister will surely love this. The sweet and spice was mixed with the flavor of the sauce. 



Pork Tenderloin with Spinach and Rice – P150.00



Hoisin Chicken with Rice – P125.00



Extra Plain Rice – P25.00. This is their rice container. It is very cute actually. It is just the size of your palm.



Choco Cherry Cupcake – P125.00 (6pcs), P250 (12 pcs)



Rocky Road Cupcake – P125.00 (6pcs), P250 (12 pcs)



Mango Cream Delight – P60.00. My favorite of all desserts. I am not good at putting words from my taste buds, but I promise you this is heavenly.



This is their Hawaiian coffee. For the lover of le noir cafe, this is absolutely good for you. We are so lucky because the day that we went there was the first day that they served the Hawaiian coffee.


The gang: 



My neighbors slash family slash friends. Here we are on one of our dinner dates together. From L-R: Francis, Bernadette, Judy, Cary, Crisly, Ivy, Me and Josh.



We have just finished our feast when I took this photo.



Ivy and me under the tree.



My equally fashionable pretty friends. L-R: Crisly, Bernadette, Judy, Ivy and me.



Coffee time avec Bernadette et  Judy.



Laugh trip. The people I can go crazy with.



Another photo and now with the pretty Shy on her nice curls.



Before we left, we bumped into chef Duz. How about a photo with the gang? Chef Duz is actually really nice and courteous just like his mother. Thank you for the wonderful food Chef. I salute you for making these hungry Juan very satisfied and full. Burp!

Duz Grill is located at: 33A 4th Street, San Antonio Village, Apas, Cebu City 6000

For reservation, contact: +639399369103/401-9012

Visit their website: http://duzgrill.com/

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