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Outfit Details:


Cover up: Belle Jean Clothing

Swimsuit: Nautilus

Shoes: Melissa

Accessories: Beads and Pearls


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This is another shot in Camotes. I am wearing my pink dainty cover up. I am indeed in a summer mode for the month of November. I am particular with cover up prints because I want to have a summer feel in me. Plus, being more feminine is an advantage.


I am also wearing my Nautilus swimwear underneath. Watch out for it on my next blog because I will be posting my first Bikini blog.


Enjoy reading!



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Just before the typhoon hit Visayas, I was in Camotes Island for 4 days celebrating the holy week. Taking a break from the busy life in Cebu City and enjoying the beautiful paradise island of Camotes. I felt lucky that I was able to see Camotes before it was destroyed by the strong typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). I am not saying that I will not be able to see its beauty again, but it will take time for everything that was destroyed to be restored.


Going there, we traveled from Danao, Cebu taking a ferry bound to Poro, Camotes. From there we took a multicab going to Mangodlong Paradise Beach were we stayed.

Here is my photo blog of the beautiful island that I want people to see.


Before we went to Camotes, I did my share of research of good front beach resorts and hotels. There are a lot of resorts to choose from, but I opted for Mangadlong Paradise Beach Resort. It was my first choice. We did not reserve any accommodation because we first have to check the actual view and if the location is good. I indeed have a very good instinct because it was the best resort we found. Below are the photos I took with the beautiful resort.


15 16 17This banner served as a customer feedback board where in customers write what they think about the resort. The question below is “Tell us what you think of this paradise?” Too bad there is no more space for me.


18I love this painting. This is something I want to bring home.


19 20This is their Standard Room that costs P2500.00. I am still debating if it is cheap or expensive. Lol.


20aResort view facing the sea.



Resort room prices tariff.


Now, let’s take a tour outside to see the beautiful resort this island has offered.

01 03 04 05 07

Isn’t this too relaxing? Everytime I lie down to relax on this beach beds, I always fell asleep.


08 09This is the view of the other resort called Mangodlong Rock Resort. It has a very nice rock formation that they turned into small cottages.



Beat the heat with the refreshing Sex on the Beach cocktail.


11 12Mangodlong Paradise has a beautiful infinity pool. I love resorts with infinity pools so I definitely love this. The good thing is, the pool turns blue at night. Talking about magnificent lighting.


WARNING!! The following photos will make you salivate.

24Pork Spareribs with mashed potato and veggies and Chocolate Milkshake for the drink.


25Pork Belly with rice and veggies and Chocolate Milkshake.


26Pork Cordon Bleu with french fries and veggies and another sex on the beach cocktail.


27Ceasar Salad and Vanilla Latte.


After enjoying the view and the beach, we decided to take a tour and see the whole island. We took the resorts day tour package for P1500. The tour includes visiting Santiago Beach, Lake Danao, Tinubo Cave, Bayview, and Esperanza Beach. If you will not take the resorts package, you have the option to directly contact drivers, and you will only pay P1200.




Our first stop? Lake Danao.

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 38

There are a lot of activities that you can do in Lake Danao. There are boats for rent, restaurant to dine and they even have horse back riding. It is a perfect place for a Sunday, family day.


Next stop? Timubo Cave. Of all the caves I’ve been to, this is my favorite because the cave is well lighted, has an amazing rock formation and the water is crystal clear and you are allowed to swim. There are no limitations for tourists. They can enjoy taking picture and to plunge in the clear water.

39 41 42 43 44 45 46 47



Third stop is the Baywalk.

48 49There is nothing really interesting in the Baywalk, except for this sign.


This photo was taken on our fourth stop, Esperanza Beach.




And finally, our last stop is the Santiago Beach.

51 52 53 54


The day tour was a fun and tiring tour, to see other beaches and the market. But for me, if I will go back to Camotes, I will not go the Esperanza and Santiago Beach anymore, as well as the Baywalk. Those places are just ordinary and will consume most of our time with the tour. I would rather go for a kayak or cruise in Lake Danao or swim until I get tired in the Timubo cave. Those 2 places are worth seeing.


Our final pit stop is the resort where we stayed and watched the sun set.

55 56


It was a good thing that we stayed in Mangodlong Paradise because the owner of the resort and the ferry is the same, therefore, before we left they already booked our trip in Jomalia shipping. Their customer’s will be their priority, therefore, even if it is passengers season, we did not had a hard time lining up to get a ticket in advance. To check Jomalia Shipping schedule, please refer below:




Finally, I will not go home without a taking picture of the infinity pool at night when it is blue.

57 58


Enjoy reading!!

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Outfit Details:


Top: Quadriga Sophyia Por Plata

Skirt: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Old Shoes

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joel Dufournet


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This is absolutely a carefree comfortable outfit. A classy pearled cotton top paired with a lace skirt rocked the chic inspired outfit. Light color is always good with dark color. But in accessorizing I always use the light color to make the dark color stand out. Make sure there is a balance.


You kinda might think the skirt is too short. Well, unfortunately for women’s with the height of 5’0 like me, it is best to wear short skirts because revealing most part of your legs would make it look longer, therefore would also make you look taller. I don’t easily gain weight, but I am also weight conscious. I always make it a point that I am not less than 95 lbs and not more than 110, which is a normal weight for 5’0 women’s as per Rush University Medical Center. My point is if I will weigh more than my desired weight I will look more round and bulky. Therefore, I will look shorter. I also compute my Body Mass Index (BMI) based on my weight and height in order for me to know that I am still on the limits. Lol. I am health conscious because for me beauty from the outside navigates good aura to the inside. I try to eat healthy with less carbs, work out (mostly abs exercise coz I’m currently working on it), vitamin C and E and more water less soda.


Want to feel good? Try this out!



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