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Outfit Details:

Dress and Bag: Belle Jean Clothing
Shoes: So Fab!
Accessories: Beads and Pearls


This is already a backlog post and I know I have failed to post like my usual every other day post. I am no longer active in blogging like before. My life is pretty busy right now with my mom being ill and I need to be with her on her series of check ups. I am still happy every time I can squeeze in blogging with my really busy schedule. Today, I am wearing my high-low cut dress which I still find very interesting. seldom see high-low cut dresses now because most people have already moved on with this style. I guess I have separation anxiety when it comes to fashion because even if people are already bored with this style, I am still wearing them with the same enthusiasm the time it started. I am a very classic person. There are fashion trends that really doesn’t suit me because it is not my personality. I know that being a fashion blogger would mean you will need to showcase the hottest style, but my mantra would still be “concentrate on comfort”. We are all born unique. Do not be a copycat!


That’s all for today lovely ladies!


I will try to blog often for updates.


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Outfit Details:

Dress: Little Pau

Shoes: Beat

Bag: CLN

Necklace: Swarovski

Ring: Franck Herval


My friend Kathy and I decided to have a picnic on the golf course nearby because yesterdays weather has been just so perfect to chill and relax. I also want to feel the breeze on my cheeks and forget the world outside by just listening the swaying of the tree branches. I have been to this place before and I fell in love with it because everything is just so green. It reminds me of the province where I grew up, except that this place is just properly landscaped.


To match my outfit with this beautiful place, I wore my white lace dress. I opt for this outfit because its minimal. My surrounding is very green and I do not want to wear something colorful since I want to highlight my outfit. I hope my lovely readers will love my outfit!


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Outfit Details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing
Shoes and Bag: Charles and Keith
Earrings: Franck Herval
Other Accessories: Beads and Pearls

This is the outfit I wore when I attended the Style Origin: Mensweek fashion show event in Ayala Center Cebu, where all fashionable people gathers to see what’s latest in the fashion world. Just like all other guests, I went there prepared with my new favorite yellow Grecian inspired dress. I love the flowy spandex material of the dress, it’s really comfortable, like I could just walk the whole day wearing something like this. This dress by the way has a wide armhole (too bad I was not able to emphasize that on this photo). Reminder to girls wearing a wide armhole dress, to always.. always wear a free bra. You would not be walking with this type of dress with your white, black or whatever colored under garment, because that would only look messy and unfinished.

I paired gold heels and gold belt to make this look more sophisticated and elegant. My Charles and Keith shoes is really a best buy for me since I bought it when it was on sale and happened to be my birthday, so yes, my sweet sister gave it to me as a present. And to complete my Grecian inspired look, I accessorized with this floral headpiece and yellow and gold combination earrings and bracelet.

I am happy I used this equally eye catching bag I bought from Charles and Keith. Now, I can say I have rocked this style with so much color and confident.

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