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Outfit Details:

Dress: L-R

Shoes: So Fab!
Earrings: Franck Herval
Other Accessories: Beads and Pearls


I have been doing a lot of magazine reading lately, and I will be answering questions that Preview Magazine asked Sophie Sumner. I am not feeling like a celebrity though, but I just feel like there is something about me that I need to share to my readers as well.


How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up?
That depends on what time I set the alarm. If it is just the exact time to get up, I will not press the snooze button, but if I alloted more time preparing, maybe 5.

How long do you spend in the bathroom in the morning?
25 minutes maximum.

Cinderella or Sleeping beauty?
Cinderella. I don’t like sleeping because I feel very unproductive. 8 hours maximum sleep a day is okay for me.

Which part of the newspaper do you read first?

Name your favorite ice cream flavor?
Coffee Crumble.

How many sit-ups can you do?
Maximum of 35.

What is it you love about your life?
I get to do what I want. I have a good job, I can travel anywhere, I have a blog that I always update because blogging is my passion, and I can buy anything without asking from anyone.

Favorite Superhero?
I am not a cartoon fanatic, but I love Captain America because of Chris Evans (my crush of course).

Can you dance the swing?
No, but I can learn with practice. I guess it’s easy. haha!

How many Facebook friends do you have?
887. Some of them I just knew by name but not really friends.

Last Song Syndrome?
Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?
26 hours and I already felt like a walking zombie.

What is comfort food for you?
Dimsum, Shawarma, California Maki, and Milk tea.

How much weight would you like to lose?
I am currently at 105 lbs. and I want to lose 7 lbs so I can achieve my previous weight of 98 lbs. Gaining more than 100 lbs scares the hell out of me, I feel like trudging obesity.

What is your karaoke anthem?
Fearless by Taylor Swift.

How many hours can you walk in five-inch heels?
2 hours only.

Prescription to mend a broken heart?
Go to gym and run 1 hour in treadmill, follow an exercise plan, eat healthy, stay beautiful, and never give your ex an idea that you are already dying inside. Cry until your tear ducts get dry. Don’t hold back tears, it’s okay not to be okay. If you are crying everyday for the last 3 months, after that it will just be every other day, once a week, once a month and then you’ll realize your stupid crying over an asshole and you’ll get over it eventually.

What do you like to drink when you celebrate and occasion?
White Wine. Hardys Moscato Sweet and Fruity, my new favorite.

Here is a plane ticket to anywhere. Where do you want to go?
Paris, France of course. It’s like everyone’s dream and my number one dream. I want to see the Eiffel tower at night.

What always brings you back home?
My mother and my mother’s cooking.


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Outfit Details:

Dress: Youyige
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Nine West
Earrings: Parfois
Ring: Call it Springs


My love for gold has been full blown lately. I discovered that it is not just white that can go along with anything, but also gold. I have been hoarding gold accessories lately, just like this mini chandelier earring that I got from Parfois. I usually buy my accessories from Franck Herval, like literally traveling to Lapu-Lapu City so I can buy their new products. But just recently, I discovered that Parfois also got beautiful accessories on a much lesser price. I am also checking other stores like Forever 21 accessories if their accessories are high quality so I will not be travelling to Lapu-Lapu City to buy new stuff. It is not that I don’t love Franck Herval anymore, but it is just that travelling to Lapu-Lapu City is very tasking and I spend most of my time traveling.


I love dangling and chandelier earrings because it will totally improve how you look specially if it matches your outfit. And my outfit will never be complete without an over-sized fashionable ring. Without accessories, I feel totally bare and it doesn’t feel right going out without them. They are my fashion statement and I wouldn’t mind heavy bling-bling in my ears as long as they’re beautiful.


Each of us have our own fashion statement. So what’s yours?


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I am a big fan of seafoods. Shrimps, prawns, scallops and squid are my top favorites. I’ve visited a lot of seafood restaurants here in Cebu and I was able to compare what restaurant cooks the most delicious shrimps, well cooked prawns and appetizing calamare dish. Last Tuesday, I attended the press launching for Ocean Garden Seafood Restaurant. I was really excited because I love their foods even back on their first branch in Lahug. Seafood lovers just like me would really love what they are offering now because they have added more choices in the menu.



The restaurants name already speaks for itself. When you enter, you will see fresh seafoods that they are going to cook.



The area is wide it can hold up to 100 guests on the ground floor and up to 50 guests on the second floor. This is an ideal place for family dinners and for everyone who loves Sutukil. I mean, who would want to go to Lapu-lapu just to dine when you can have it here at the heart of the metro, right?




Without further ado, let me present you their food for our gastronomical delight.



Calamares with Tar-tar sauce. This is one of my favorite. I love calamare, I always order one when I am in a seafood restaurant, but this is the first time that I tried it with tar-tar sauce. Most of the time you eat calamare with a mayo or salad dressing, but its totally different with tar-tar sauce. The taste of calamare improved, truly a definition of an appetizer.



Seafood Chowder. This is really creamy and flavorful.



Ocean Garden Salad with Wine Vinegar Dressing. I love Salad, I am more like a goat specially when I am following a diet plan. I love everything they added on the salad but I am not really a big fan of vinegar dressing because it has a caustic taste.



Steamed Lapu-lapu with Black Bean Sauce.



Grilled Prawns. This prawn is sooo good! It’s well cooked, crunchy and crisp. Oh my god, it’s ambrosial! The food that fit for the gods!



Chili Crabs. I am not really into crabs because eating one is a bit tricky. But surely this one looks wonderful and it has a unique taste.



Grilled Lobster with Lemon Butter Sauce. This is the first time I tried lobster because in seafood restaurants, lobster is always the most expensive. The texture is just like a shrimp but the taste is totally different. The sauce is a perfect blend that marry so well you feel an explosion of flavors in your mouth.



Grilled Pork Belly. Another favorite, because I love pork belly. I love its richness and juicy loveliness.



Mixed Vegetable with Scallops. It is well cooked, I love how healthy it is and the taste is pleasing to the palate.



Shrimp Pineapple Rice. This is the first time I’ve tried flavored rice and I so love it! I didn’t expect rice eating can be so exciting.



Sinigang Rice. Yes, it is possible indeed. Sinigang is my favorite Filipino dish and this idea of Sinigang rice truly amazed me. I love the balance of flavors, its slightly sour and it is savory.



Cinnamon Pudding. This is absolutely sinful, a tiny version of a guilty pleasure. I like all types of pudding and this cinnamon pudding is a must try. Its silky smooth in your tongue, heavy, rich and decadent.



Healthy refreshment.



This is Kevin Dinsay, Ocean Garden Seafood Restaurant’s Manager. Thank you for having us! We’ve learned a lot from you. Thank you for feeding our minds with information and our tummy with your foods.


Ocean Garden Seafood Restaurant is located at:
A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu, 6000
Open from 11 AM – 11 PM
For reservation, please call: (032) 238 4474


You can also like their Facebook page here.


For geographically challenged people just like me, please refer to the map for direction.

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