Memory Lane restaurant is owned by Jolina Magdangal. I remembered way back years ago, this restaurant was featured in Yes Magazine and photos showed how beautiful this place was. I forgot that this place was in Tagaytay, so when I saw it as we passed by, I said to my boyfriend that we should dine there because I want to look at the place and have my fashion shoot there. I am just happy that I have a supportive BF who understand my wishes. Lol.

DSC_0193-001 DSC_0240-001 DSC_0196-001

Wearing my black mullet skirt dress for this place is just perfect. I love this dress because it has long trail and looks really great when I’m walking. I don’t want to be in all black so I chose red accessories for perfect blend. Channelling modern Holly Golighty is my goal and instead of wearing pearls, I used red metallic accessories instead.

DSC_0203-002 DSC_0207-001 DSC_0232-001 DSC_0239-001

Below are my food snaps and Memory Lane trinkets that I find really cute.IMG_20150716_155233_HDR IMG_20150716_155726_HDR IMG_20150716_161201_HDR IMG_20150716_162046_HDR IMG_20150716_162016_HDR IMG_20150716_162104_HDR IMG_20150716_162139_HDR IMG_20150716_163014_HDR IMG_20150716_163030_HDR IMG_20150716_163113_HDR IMG_20150716_163320_HDR


Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M
Sunnies: Rubi by Cotton On
Shoes: So Fab!
Necklace: Nima
Other Acessories: Beads and Pearls


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On our trip to Tagaytay, we also hiked to see the Taal Volcano in Batangas since this is an opportunity for us to visit the place as we are already close to the vicinity. I went there prepared with my hiking outfit, rummaging my closet for cotton top, jogging pants and my most comfortable pair of shoes. I also read blogs of what to expect during the hike and what are the things that I need to prepare before the hike. I am glad I did this, which is also not surprising since I always travel prepared.


Things I prepared before the hike:
1. 1 liter mineral water. Very essential because hiking will get you dehydrated.
2. Wear the most comfortable clothes. Work out clothes would be perfect since this will already be a work out for you.
3. Bring extra clothes and face towel. I did not bring extra clothes but I did bring face towel.
4. Apply sunblock before the hike. By 8 AM, sun is already up and by this time the heat is already harsh so better apply sunblock prior to the hike.
5. Bring hat, sunglasses, jacket or arm sleeve. Never bring an umbrella, its useless because it’s windy up there, it will just be blown away.
6. Wear face mask. The road is dusty and face mask is a must.


From Tagaytay we hired a Tricycle that will take us back and fourth, to and from Talisay, Batangas. Tricycle fee is P500. From there we ride a boat to the Volcano Island. The boat rental is P1,500. For us to save money from boat rental, we joined a group of 3 American tourist so we could share the fee with them, so we ended up paying P300 each. The other fees that we paid are Landing fee of P20.00 and P50 Environmental fee.


The hike took us an hour before we reached the Taal ridge and stopping from time to time to appreciate the view and to catch our breath of course.


If you will see this cross, that means you are already half way through your hike.


My boyfriend looks so cute with his back pack. He was so concerned about me during the hike cause he doesn’t want me to walk on the edge as he fears I might fall.



And so we finally reached the Taal ridge. I did not look at it when we get there because I was so exhausted, so I rest for about 10 minutes and when I decided to look at the lake, I was astounded!

DSC_0141-001 DSC_0149-001 DSC_0151-001 DSC_0157-001 DSC_0167-001

It was windy up there and we just relaxed, felt the breeze on our faces and enjoyed the view before we decided to go back down.

DSC_0172-001 DSC_0176-001

It was an awesome experience. Both me and my boyfriend did not expect that we will conquer Taal hike, and now we are ready to hike more mountains in the future.


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DSC_0485-001 DSC_0490-001 DSC_0538-001 DSC_0528-002 DSC_0495-001 DSC_0535-001 DSC_0502-001


Outfit Details:

Dress: Vaudeville and Burlesque
Bag: Ever New
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Head band: Rubi Shoes
Bangles: Nima


Looking glamorous is just really easy and the best color you can choose is white and gold combination. I remembered when I attended the re-opening of Jewelmer in Ayala, their models was wearing this combo and they just look stunning and exquisite. They look like angels without wings that has fallen from the heavens. Even guests who went there on white and gold dress code looked elegant even if they are not models.


White and gold combo for an outfit is just a tip, but it is really the confidence that carries the look. Regardless how expensive and beautiful your dress may be if you do not have the inner confident, it will just be a waste. So go out and let that inner beauty shine!

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