I was lucky enough to finally meet the country’s top dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon behind Dr. CRB Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, the beautiful Dr. Cecilia Ramos Bernad, during the grand launching of her clinic at The Northwing of SM City Cebu. She attended the Mahidol University Institute of Dermatology in Bangkok, Thailand. She trained for Botox, fillers, liposuction and soft tissue augmentation in California with a preceptorship in Advanced Rhinoplasty.



Founded on 1955, Dr. CRB Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is one of the Philippines best full-service face, body and anti-aging center. On that same day, they also celebrated Dr. Cecilia Bernad’s 20th year in cosmetology and the introduction of the newest brand ambassador, Daniel Matsunaga. As per Dr. Bernad, she chose Daniel to represent the male population that are getting self conscious and more aware of the benefit of looking naturally more beautiful.



Dr. CBR also launched their newest serum line called The May Line, named after her daughter May Bernad. The May Line includes:

  • Moisturizing Serum White Hydrator that increases skin moisture leaving skin smooth and radiant, and also minimizes wrinkles and discoloration.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Serum Syn-ake Wrinkle Diffuser and advanced peptides that relaxes muscle to reduce wrinkles. It also plump and hydrates the skin.
  • Youth Booster Age Defense Serum, formulated with PEPHA-PROTECT, protects skin cells from UV damage, restore and binds moisture to the skin. This product is suitable for all skin types.


The clinic also offers different types of facial including Medical Facial, Premium Facial, Iontophoresis, Ultrasonic Facial, Ultimate Facial, and Photo Facial. Dr. Bernad also encourage her clients to try the Designer Facial that is made to measure skin treatment based on scientific skin analysis. The analysis is taken to detect problem areas such as sebum levels and sun damage that is present. From there, they will customize facial from cleanser, exfoliation process, toner, serums, mask and moisturizers.


On the event proper, guests and audience was serenade by Jem Cubil and Tria Bascon, both are satisfied clients of Dr. CRB Clinic.

DSC_0446-001 DSC_0448-001


The event was hosted by Phoebe Fernandez who is also an endorser of Dr. CRB.



Lucky guests who attended the event received Gift Certificates during the raffle. And everyone avail free consultation for the Designer Facial and 30% discount on their next visit to Dr. CRB Aesthetic and Laser Clinic.

DSC_0480-001 DSC_0475


Thank you so much Dr. Cecilia for having me and making me realize the importance of skin care.



To know more about the products and services offered by Dr. CRB Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, visit their website at http://www.drcrb.com/


For updates, like their Facebook page here.
And follow them on Instagram @drcrb.


Dr. CRB Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is located at:
2F The Nothwing
SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area
Phone Number (032) 412 3063

802 SPC Medical Specialty Bldg.
Perpetual Succor Hospital, Gorordo Ave.
Phone Number (032) 231 4907 / (032) 412 2420


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Another art exhibit that I surely can’t miss is the solo exhibit of Leopoldo Aguilar’s Shadow Fragments. His artwork is part of Qube’s Premier Collection Series that will be displayed until December 3, 2015.


Born in 1972, Leopoldo Aguilar, Jr. earned his Certificate in Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines – Cebu Campus. As a student, Aguilar was recognised a consistent Joya Awardee. He also founded the Neo-Tribalism Movement, Inc., a group of visual artists, tattoo artists, and musicians who come together for exhibitions and performance art. He is now based in Manila, but he still finds himself coming back home every so often to show us how his art has been evolving.

03 04 07 10

I had the chance to talk to him about his art and style in painting. “Go back to the roots”, a phrase that best describes his artwork. He said that the simplest and the first thing that you do when you are painting is creating lines and silhouettes, but he want this to be the base and the core of his painting. Using soft contrast he created a masterpiece that symbolizes origin and nature. His fascination with pre-historic culture and industrial materials become his inspiration on creating his sculptures.

05 08 09 02 11 13 14 15 16'

Me and Leopoldo Aguilar. Thank you so much sir for making me realize how important our culture in our future developments. You are truly and inspiration to everyone.



Thank you so much for having me A-list!


To see more of Leopold Aguilar’s painting, visit Qube Gallery in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City.

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DSC_0315 DSC_0295 DSC_0320-001 DSC_0288 DSC_0310-001 DSC_0293-001


Outfit Details:

Dress: Spirited Away
Bag: Marithe Francois Girbaud
Shoes: CLN
Earrings: Nima


My dress has white swans in it, so I titled my blog white swan. It’s cute, isn’t it?


Next month we will be celebrating Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, and for sure the air will start to get a bit cold. Long sleeve, jackets, and cardigans will get into trend again, so for today, I chose a rather comfy long sleeved dress that would atleast make me feel warm. This dress has been sitting inside my closet for quite sometime now and this is the perfect time to bring it out again.


Advance happy holidays everyone!


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