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Outfit details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Parisian

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

I love the colors Black and white. They are the classic colors. If you will wear them next year and years to come, they will not run out of style because they are the color that stays all throughout the decade. I remember when I was in college, I liked the color pink. Every item, it could either be clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and even wall paper, I always want it to be pink. That was also the time when pink was very popular for girls. After I graduated college, I find pink very feminine, so I changed my color to green. It was hard finding green for clothes; they don’t have much in store for this color, so eventually I settled for Black and White. That was also the time when I realized that I am no longer a girl, I am now a woman! They say, as you get older, you would then like to wear black, white, brown, gray and all light colors.

I love this dress, not just the color but also the cloth. It is made of cotton. Since it is summer, seeing white for a dress is a breath of fresh air. I could wear this dress all day under the sun. The color is eye friendly and the cloth is very comfortable. With a white dress, you can pair it with absolutely anything, because white serves as an equalizer of all colors. You can even wear yellow shoes or orange cardigan with it. You can even accessorize with all different colors, and it would not look like you are overdoing your style. Just a tip, if you are going to buy a white dress, make sure that you accessorize or pair it with another color, so that you will not look like you are going to attend a funeral or a wedding.

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