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Outfit Details:

Top and Skirt: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Mario D’boro

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

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If you get accustomed to wearing office wears, you get to know how to mix and match outfits that will compliment the primary color that you chose. I am very particular with colors. I cannot wear more than 3 colors in one outfit. You will only see me in 2, and 3 is the most. I don’t play with different loud and neon colors, because I am a believer of minimalism. That means chose 2 colors and rock with that color with accessories and confidence. Less is more they say, and that is absolutely true, because the less that they see in you brings out elegance and sophistication. Overdoing your outfit will only make you look baggy. Well, I knew a lot of people who can play neon colors with style and confidence, and a lot who can’t. There are tricks in putting colors together and that would depend on the style and trick on how to make it work.

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