This is my first subscription box from Topbox and my first Canadian subscription box which I like because I will not be paying shipping fee anymore! For everyone who might be interested in signing up, your subscription will not start right away. Just like Ipsy, Topbox has a waitlist. When I subscribed, it took me a month before I got approved for subscription. I read someone else’s blog and she said, she waited 3 months before she got approved, so I feel lucky for not waiting that long.


Today, I will be giving my honest review of what I think about the product that I received from their October 2017 box. The box arrived on time, but my review is late.

Name of the Box: Topbox

Cost: $12 CAD + tax (free shipping)

What you will get: Each month, subscribers will get four beauty samples. Samples can range from skincare, bodycare, makeup, haircare and fragrance. The samples are from prestige brands. Some of these brands are well known and others are newly launched or small and niche.

Unlike most subscription boxes, Topbox don’t provide leaflets with product information, instead they send the information through email. This is the only card I received from them.


Here comes the products!


China Glaze Nail Lacquer 14mL (Full size)- $8.45

These unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish.


I am not a fan of black nail polish, but it is a perfect nail polish for Halloween so I gave it a try. 2 coats for full coverage and took a week before it started chipping off. Good value for money!


SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Essential Face Toner 30ml – $5.22

Formulated with natural extracts of Truffle, Calendula, Rose and Rosemary, a toner that deeply purify the skin while contributing with antiseptic powers to remove dead skin and bacteria to prevent future breakouts.


This toner smells really good. My skin feels soft and hydrated after application. I love it!


Elizabeth Arden New Formula Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum 7 caps – $8.98

Pure. Potent. Precise. Triple the anti-aging power for visibly firmer, smoother, healthy-looking skin.

I love getting serums because they repair skin damage and I always believe in its potency. The first serum that I tried is Lancôme Genifique that I got on my September Glossybox, which I super love that I even consider buying the full size. Since I received this serum on my Topbox, I decided to try it first for me to know which one I like best. The first time I tried this serum, I poured all the content on my palm and applied it but I realized it is oily and a little tacky. So the next time I applied it, I only used 3-4 drops and it covered my entire face nicely. It is not fast absorbing and I can feel the oil on the surface. The effect is noticeable the next day, I can feel my face is smooth and glowing.


Eyeko London Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner 0.04 oz /1.2 gm – $13.20

Intense single stroke waterproof carbon black colour . Easy-to-use precision tip creates the perfect line to subtly accentuate the eye or create a dramatic cat eye. Glides on over eye shadow and stays on even on the waterline.  


Finally, an eye liner that delivers exactly what it promises; intense single stroke waterproof carbon black colour. It’s easy to use and as long as you are pro in applying liquid eye liner this product gives the best result.


I also got a complimentary Wella EIMI Perfect Me styling lotion endorsed by Sophie Turner.


Total Product Value: $35.85

Amount paid for this subscription: $13.80 (including tax)

How much I saved: $22.05


The time I subscribed for Topbox, I received their email about $10 Beauty Surprise. By paying $10 on top of the $12 monthly fee, you will get a full sized item, but you will not have any idea what it is until it arrives. So this is what I got:

Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Quad in Autumn Leaves – $44.57 CAD

A versatile 4-color palette eye shadow with silky and smooth powders which generate a pure look that won’t fade. Each of the highly pigmented ready-to-wear colour palettes are specially curated with both matte and shimmer shadows to allow for effortless blending. The versatile silky smooth powders are so rich it feels creamy. The fine weightless powders glide on easily without smudging or creasing. Apply dry for a more natural finish or apply wet for a more long lasting dramatic look.

First impression, the packaging is awesome! It is a high end durable exterior with compact mirror. The eyeshadow is rich and highly pigmented. I was just surprised of the retail price because I didn’t expect a product this small would cost so much, $44.57 is not a reasonable price so I am glad I received this as my beauty surprise because I am certain I will never buy this on its own.


Conclusion: I love all the products that I received on my first Topbox subscription, though I wish I will not receive any nail polishes anymore, I am still happy with the rest of the content. I am looking forward for my next box!


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This is my second subscription box from GlossyBox and I will be giving my honest review of what I think about the product that I received from their October 2017 box.  If you want to check my other Glossybox review, please click here.

Name of the Box: GlossyBox (Monthly subscription box)

Theme: Elements of Fall

Cost: $21 USD per month (free shipping to the US, $5 shipping to Canada).

Discount: use coupon code TABLET to get a monthly GlossyBox subscription for only $10 per box for the first 3 months!

What you will get: Subscribers will receive 5 Beauty products, 3 of them full-size, valued at over $69. Each box will contain only the top beauty products from well known luxury brands and up-and-coming niche brands.


Unboxing GlossyBox is like opening a present. There is a wow factor with the packaging and presentation. This is by far the prettiest box I received from all my subscription boxes.


This is the first card that I saw when I opened the box, a $50 gift card on all Mockberg watches. This is good for me because I am considering (for a long time) on building a watch collection because first, it is a good investment. Second, I don’t wear bangles anymore so I have to replace them with watches (calling it “adulting”). If I do get my watch, I will be posting a review about it here, so stay tuned.

I’ve actually used the coupon so I am confident in posting this without covering the coupon code. Lol!


The box also include a leaflet with all the information about the products and its retail value.


Here comes the products!


CLOVE + HALLOW Lip Glaze in Spicy – $7.50

Formulated with natural olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter, our PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan Lip Glaze offers inspired color and a dazzling finish without stickiness.

This lip glaze is rich in terms of consistency and I super love the color. Contrary to its description that says it’s not sticky, I felt that it’s sticky when I applied it, but after it got absorbed there is no sticky feel anymore. It’s a nice organic product but personally I am not into Lip glazes so this product is not for me.


LUÉ by Jean Seo ERASE (Full Size) – $15.00

Step 1 of LUE’s Skin Solution Set, ERASE, is a cleansing, exfoliating & brightening powder. Made with non-fat milk powder, finely milled whole grain oats, and a touch of magnesium carbonate, this perfectly pH balanced gommage clears complexion, balances skin, and leaves it radiant and smooth.


I tried this while in the shower to not mess up our toilet sink (that’s a hack in using powder cleanser). It smells like milk and oats which I really like. After application, I let it stay for like 3 minutes and continued massaging my face. I was amazed with the result because my face feels really soft and smooth and it helped in minimizing my pores. I totally love this!


Vasanti Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush – $21.00

This versatile, pro-grade brush transfers pigment from your palette to your lids without loosing intensity (or product) in the process.

I am using a blending brush to put on my eyeshadow so to finally be able to use and eye shadow brush feels different. The brush is packed and soft and the quality is top notch. With this item alone, it already covered the cost of the box. Good job Glossybox!


Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream 2.0oz – $10.00

New cream styler that defends against frizz with ultra-light and pillow-soft hold for long-lasting, smooth, touchable curls.


I dislike receiving hair care products because I have a feeling that there is no product in the market that could save my damaged hair. Plus, before I received the box, I already read reviews of the people who received their box first and they got the perfume. To my surprise and disappointment, I got a hair cream. So without enthusiasm, just to try the product I applied it on my hair. Usually, after shower my hair is all over the place and frizzy, but surprisingly with this product, my hair was tamed and my waves defined. This is my favorite product in this box! I am glad this is what I got instead of the 7ml perfume.


RITUALS USA Shower Foam in Happy Buddha (Full Size) – $15.00

Happy Buddha Shower Foam combines the citrus scent of Sweet Orange and warmth of Cedar Wood.


I super love the scent and it’s very foamy which made the shower experience extra amazing. My skin felt soft and it did not dry my skin.


Total Product Value: $68.50 USD/ $86.49 CAD

Amount paid for this subscription: $26 USD ($21 for the box + $5 shipping fee)/ $33.37 CAD

How much I saved: $42.50 USD/ $53.12 CAD


Conclusion: I love this box just as how much I loved the last month box, but I already cancelled my subscription so “probably” this will be my last review for Glossybox. The products might be worth it, but with all the other subscription I have, this falls in the pricey category. If the boxes will be on sale and I will be eligible I might re sub because with a heavy heart, this parting ways with the subscription box that I like is a bit painful. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about Glossybox but for me I never had any bad experience with them. Though, the box this month was unplanned since I thought when I cancelled my subscription last month, it will be effective immediately. Turns out when you cancel, you will still receive the next box which is why I have this box. So everyone, be careful about this. I did not complain or budge about it because I was not reading the fine prints anyway, and with all these products that I got, it was totally worth it. Plus the coupon for the watch made me happy because I was already planning on buying a watch as a Christmas present for myself. Looks like Christmas will come early for me. Thank Glossybox! Till we meet again.


Can you still get this box: As of today 10/25 yes it is still available.


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This is my second box from Ipsy and I will be giving my honest review of what I think about the product that I received from their October 2017 box. If you want to check my other Ipsy review, please click here.

Name of the Box: IPSY

Theme: Spellbound

Cost: $10 USD (free shipping in the US and $4.95 in Canada)

What you will get: Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with 5 deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

Card details about the October theme.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, their glam bag is also Halloween themed. I love the soft leather with lace accent that gives it femme fatale vibe. Plus points for the bat zipper! Totally cool.


Here are the items that I got.


Nail Medic Charcoal Infused Nail Polish in Volcanic Ash 10ml (Full Size) – $7.99

This polish has actual bits of charcoal in it to make your nails stronger and protect them from toxins and pollutants.


This is my second month with Ipsy and the second time I received a nail polish from them. I was amazed with the color because when I applied it, it was steel gray and depends on the light it becomes blue. I was not sure if it was just me, so I asked my friends what is the color of my nail polish, they said it’s blue, light blue, baby blue, and dirty blue. At night time it become steel gray again. Creepy Halloween nail polish I guess.

Just like my first Pretty Woman NYC polish, this has gel effect, 2 coats for full coverage and does not easily chip off. Though, at one point while I was applying, it got sticky.


Here it is on!


Tarte Deluxe Lifted Sweatproof Mascara 3ml – $12.86

A sporty sweatproof black brown mascara that volumizes & treats lashes.


Tarte is the brand that I want to try because of their good review. When I received this mascara, I was really happy. After application I’ve got a nice looking thick and longer lashes. It doesn’t feel heavy and totally vegan.


Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream 10ml – $2.00

A rich formula that contains invigorating and moisturizing ingredients like Peach and Apricot Extracts and Shea Butter to banish dry skin plus anti-wrinkle ingredients for softer and smoother hands.


I like that it smells good and it moisturized my hand, but this sample is so small, it’s good for 4 uses only. I hope Ipsy can do better than this.


BLAQ Mask 15ml –  $7.25

It’s like a detox for your skin. Activated charcoal (the main ingredient) gets rid of toxins and impurities deep in your pores.


This month is the last month that Ipsy gave their subs option to pick a product and I chose this out of curiosity. I did not use it on my entire face. I only use it on my nose and surrounding area since it is the area with obvious white heads and black heads. It did remove some white heads but my stubborn little black heads are still here.


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder 3g – $9.67

A bestselling, award-winning, translucent powder formula that erases the look of pores and imperfections for airbrushed perfection.


I used this in replacement for my 2-way foundation. Since it is translucent, it blended well with my skin. A very effective way to hide blemishes and shiny spots. I am liking it so far and something that I might consider using in the long run.


Total Product Value: $39.77 USD / $50.21 CAD

Amount paid for this subscription: $14.95 USD / 19.18 CAD excluding make-up bag

How much I saved: $24.82 USD / $31.34 CAD


Conclusion: To be honest, I didn’t like this month Ipsy box. 2 consecutive months of getting nail polish? I get a feeling that they are not really looking at their customers profile because first, my profile says I like bright and playful color for nail polish, not dull and boring. Second, it feels insincere sending a customer nail polishes every month. The only item that I liked is the mascara. I am keeping my subscription until next month and wait for Ipsy to redeem themselves. Value wise, I got higher value this month than the previous month which is good, given that I only paid for this subscription for $14.95.


Want to give Ipsy a try? Click on this link and set up your profile to get the beauty product based on your needs.


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