This is the third book that I read this year. This is about the author’s journey to seek pleasure by doing the things she like just to overcome her grief with her failures in life. She went to Italy to seek pleasure through food. India, to seek pleasure by worshiping an Ashram.  And Indonesia, to seek for pleasure for love.

My friend Maks, recommended this book to me. She said that if I read this book, I will realize certain aspects in life that I cannot find around me but I can find within myself.  Being the person, who went through a lot of dramas in life, did everything to properly move on and crossed oceans just to be happy again. I can say that this book has been an inspiration. With the author’s situation, I believe that her life has been more difficult than mine, yet she strive on finding ways just to be happy. I told myself that I know I will be happy too, but why does happiness takes so long to come? Why can’t we just leave sadness behind and follow happiness? I guess life just don’t work like that. We came into this world to gamble for life and to survive. There will be lots of blows that will hit us before we surrender to surrealism. Life isn’t easy, but we have to do something not to make it even more difficult.

The author has tried a lot of coping mechanism just to get through with her life and avoid depression. Her coping was weak that ended her on taking anti depressants instead. I don’t want to take anti depressant! I think I have a lot of Serotonins in my body that are just sleeping, and I need to wake them up to keep me company. I ate a lot, I prayed a lot, I socialized a lot and I loved a lot! Redundancy it is. But the love that I found is not the love that is given by the opposite sex, but the love that I found with my friends, family, colleagues and my job. The same with the author, she worked hard on finding happiness and love on her own ways.

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