After our tour in the Small and Big Lagoon, the next stop was the Secret Lagoon. 


This is the beach where the Secret Lagoon is located. Isn’t this view a breath taking sight? I will let you enjoy and see what I have captured in this fantastic island.

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Oh! Hi there sexy!

It was also on this island where our lunch was served.



That’s grilled pork and fish.


My favorite shrimp and squid.


The appetizer pepino and our tropical fruit dessert (mango, banana, watermelon and pineapple).


Magnificent rock formations.



After our feast, our tour guide accompanied us to explore the Secret Lagoon. I was not able to capture the entrance to the Secret Lagoon, so I googled one for you. Amazing, isn’t it? Good thing it is not high tide because we can easily get inside without diving in order to see the hole.



The following photos are the photos inside the Secret Lagoon.

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That’s Maria and Agustin enjoying themselves.


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Kayak din pag may time. I really love this photo even if I am not looking at the camera. It’s therapeutic to see my friends big smile.



We are now on the Shimizu Beach. People go snorkeling in this area because there are a lot of beautiful fishes here.





That’s my friend Joann. She is surrounded with beautiful fish.



Too visible even if you will not dive or use goggles.




That’s me and my friends and we got company here. Lol! School of fish!


 It is also in this island where we saw the Komodo dragon and tortoise. I was so amazed! It was the first time I saw those endangered species. I am happy they still exist here in Palawan.




This is our handsome tour guide, Kuya Ariel. He has been very patient taking our pictures and explaining to us what we need to know about El Nido. He was also the one who prepared our lunch along with the boat driver and the assistant. He was even very creative on arranging the pepino and the tropical fruits that we ate. So versatile! If you wish to have this kind of tour guide, the Gemini Travel and Tours is your best bet!


Kuya Ariel with the beautiful ladies Maria and Kika. Maria is from Uruguay and Kika is from Chile. They are cousins and they planned this tour together. Amazing!



Now approaching the 7 Commando. It is a very beautiful white sand beach.






Chillin’ while sippin’ our Choco Banana shake. The foods and snacks that you can buy on this island are quite pricey. I guess that’s normal when you are 30-minutes-boat-ride away from the main land.



The dollar store of 7 commando.


Since it is already 4PM, it is not too hot anymore. My friends are now playing on the sand.

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It was a long and enjoyable day for me and my friends. We were fried and burned under the sun, but who cares? We love our new tan anyway.

I hope you enjoyed and blog. For questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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