And so here comes the fifth book of the year, but second book on the fifty shades trilogy. I have to be honest that I was so eager to read the second book because of the thrill that the first book gave me, and I had to put pressure on my best friend Joann, so that she will finish the second book and I could start right away. Lol!

So here comes my equally fair share of comments for this book. The highlight of the fifty shades trilogy is the BDSM (you have the option to Google that, since I also did that on the first place), however, due to Anastasia Steele’s objection with Christian Grey’s idea of pleasure, he left him after he punished her with 6 belt blows. Not counting the spanking sessions every time she rolled her eyes on him. Ouch! I thought we aim to please?

 Like all other love stories we experience suffering after each break up. I can attest to that since I know how painful it is to break up with someone when you are still head over heels in love with the person. We could either cry a lot, eat a lot or not eat at all, suffer depression, catatonia and experience piercing chest pain of unknown etiology. Just like Bella Swan from Twilight Saga when Edward Cullens left her, she became depressed and catatonic for months! But Anastacia Steel’s case was different. She only suffered for 5 days! Isn’t that great! I hope all suffering would end in 5 days.  But anyways, going back to BDSM, it is with this book where all types of weird sex stuff was introduced such as giggle balls,  bondage scarf, handcuffs, vibrators and pain causing sex paraphernalia like butt plugs, nipple clamp, riding crop whip, shackles, and the red room of pain was opened once again. Yay!

There has been twist in the story for this book. Ana stood for herself and Christian tone down his fucked up habits of beating his submissive. He was so crazy in love with Ana that he is more than willing to give up the red room of pain in order for him not to lose her. He also spoiled Ana with luxurious gifts such as Audi A3 which he calls “submissive special”, and was then replaced with Audi R8 Spyder as a 22nd Birthday present (mentioned in book 3), MacBook Pro, Blackberry phone, iPod, iPad, and a constant ride on his EC135 Eurocopter Charlie Tango. Wow! That is what you get in return of being beaten. Was it all worth it?

And here comes Jack Hyde, who is Ana’s boss on the publishing house she is working with. He has ulterior motives in hiring Ana. Well, he is a villain and there is a lot about him and his dark side on the third book.

With this book, the porn factor was tripled. I mean literally after a few pages, you will read another sex session. That is why this book was called porn/mommy porn.  Though despite of all weird sexcapades, they still had vanilla sex. Oh well, vanilla sex as per the book illustrate is the normal sex. No whips and shackles and red room. Not to mention Christian Grey asking Ana’s hand for marriage. Yes for marriage after a few months of whirlwind romance. Oh well, it will end up in marriage anyway, since they love each other to death.

This is a fiction and I highly discourage everyone who engages on sadomasochistic relationship. I don’t believe that you love the person if you do this. Abusive relationship is never healthy and will lead to an even more serious issue in the future. We should not be as naive as Ana Steele. We should stand for our right of being a woman, respected and treated gently.

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