Fifty Shades Freed is the last book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. I read this book last March and I was about to take my French Delf A1 exam at that time. I was too eager to know the ending that I spent most of my time reading this book than studying for my French exam.

In this book, Anastasia Steel became the dumbest of all characters I knew and second to that is Bella Swan of Twilight Saga. But, speaking of Ana, this fictional character doesn’t have initiative, logical thinking and concrete reasoning ability. I was thinking how E.L. James created this character. Based on her interview she said that Fifty Shades trilogy is “my midlife crisis, writ large. All my fantasies in there, and that’s it.” Wow! If you are fantasizing something, you would always love to be the Protagonist. Since Ana is the Protagonist, did E.L. James fantasize of becoming Ana Steele? That’s tricky.

Oh well, so now Ana is married to Christian Grey. On the first part of the book when they were at the beach during their honeymoon on the South of France, Ana, forgot that she was topless while taking a nap and sunbathing at the same time and rolled over to her back! Oh my fucking god! Is she nuts? Doesn’t she have any brain cells that signals impulse that “Hey, you don’t have a bra, please don’t roll over”. This is the first irritating-Ana-scene of the book (then the clingy-possessive-abusive Christian Grey throws tantrums and started whining). With this book, Ana becomes too hard headed and always defy Christian’s wishes, including his way of increasing security to protect her life. Sometimes I am too stressed that they keep on fighting. How the hell does this relationship work when there is no day that they don’t fight? Even when you are just lovers, boyfriend-girlfriend, even if you love each other but both of you are hard headed and doesn’t want to compromise or just talk without arguing, your relationship will eventually get sour, you will get tired of all the fighting and misunderstanding and will decide to grew up apart and end the relationship. I wonder how the hell this kind of relationship worked.

I do not totally disagree with every action that Ana do, because it also brings a good cause for this book. She is young, 22 years old and still has an excuse in acting immaturely. However, she also sometimes act stupid and unreasonable. But the good thing is she fought all the way for her and Christian to be happy and for that I will salute her inner goddess. Maybe all relationship are work in progress and two people go through all arguing and misunderstandings before they encounter the word compromise.

Going to the always controversial sex scenes, as always a lot of sex scenes, there is one part that I found so yucky. That is when Christian Grey inserted butt plugs on Ana’s butt and Mrs. Jones (helper, cook, and sex toys cleaner. How versatile!) was the one who cleaned the scene after. Ewww! There is nothing more disgusting than this, plus a scene when Christian inserted his finger on Ana’s butt and hand washing was not mentioned, how would that feel? Good thing I’m a Nurse because I don’t easily feel grossed out with this kind of practices. If not, I might run to the bathroom and throw up.

Like all married couple Ana finally got pregnant after Alzheimer’s disease hit her and she forgot her birth control shots. After delivering the good news to Christian, he got berserk and throw another temper tantrum and left the house. Oh well, normal reaction for a husband who was expecting that his wife was keeping track of her birth control shots. Another conclusion crossed my mind. Would it be even possible for a VERY sexually active woman who doesn’t have a plan of getting pregnant to forget her birth control shots? Well, I guess, Ana is just all for pleasure. Another irritating-Ana-scene. But then, Christian Grey came home, realized that there is nothing he can do about it anymore, but to accept his own child, and console the now nagging and angry Ana.

But wait there’s more! There is a kidnapping scene where Ana saved Christian’s sister Mia from Jack Hyde, another psychopath. Reason? Kidnapping for ransom. Ana withdrew a fortune from the bank to give to Hyde. I’m too confused with Jack Hyde’s role in this book. He envy Christian so much (a then traumatized kid because he was physically abused by his mother’s pimp) and was adopted by a rich couple and he was not. And after that Christian became his most hated person. How unreasonable. However, I salute Ana’s inner goddess this time because she regained all initiative that she lost throughout the book (the 3 books to be exact!) and saved the day!

Anyhow, I still find the ending to be incomplete, in the sense that some of the stories, like Christian Grey’s past was not completely elaborated, Jack Hyde’s intention was not properly laid into the table. It’s like you have to make the ending yourself for your impression about the book to be completed. But then again I salute E.L. James inner goddess for writing this book. It was very entertaining and somehow gave us an impression of what BDSM is.

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