This is the fourth book that I read this year. My curiosity heightened when my book bug friends started talking about the book they call “agib-agib”, a reversed word for “biga-biga” which in vernacular means flirt or flirting. My best friend Joann, ask me to recommend a book that she can read. We were in National Bookstore trying to choose a good book for her. That was the time when 50 Shades trilogy has been the talk of the town, whispers in the alley and gossip in the streets. News spread of how controversial this book is. I recommended fifty shades even if I haven’t read the book yet. Some people say it’s nice, some people say it’s too much. Eventually, after I’ve read the book, I can finally say my share of comments with regard to this one.

So this is what Fifty Shades of Grey is all about. It is a story of Christian Grey who is a misogynist, handsome, filthy rich bachelor that has a dirty little secret due to a dark past that he could not leave behind as it haunts and torment him during his sleep at night. He engaged in weird sexcapade which the author called “kinky fuckery”.  The heroine, Anastasia Steel, is an English literature major graduating student. She did not had any romantic relationship with anyone, so basically she is a blue eyed-brown haired virgin.

The story introduced BDSM which stands for Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism. This is the first book that I read that has this concept and it honestly made me cringe. If you are so obsessed with Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Hunger Games Trilogy and Game of Thrones, you will absolutely find this book very unnerving. Throughout the book, all I felt for the heroine Ana Steel was pity. It makes me loath Christian Grey for being such and abusive piece of shit. He is asking Ana to sign a contract or an agreement that she will obey of becoming a submissive and will adhere to everything that he wants. He is a total controller and very condescending and Ana tolerated such behavior  for what?

I could honestly say that I was clued reading this book. The author was able to get to the reader with her writing, but if you are going to ask professional editors and writer, they find this book to be poorly written. I cannot say what they mean when they say it was not written well, since readers (like me) spent all our time just to finish this book. In a professional way, maybe E.L. James missed important part of the book, or the story has not been properly plotted. If you noticed, there has been words and phrases that was repeated too many times, such as “oh my, holy cow, holy crap, holy moses, holy shit and holy fuck”. And the other equally overused phrase “Inner Goddess”.

It is a nice story, but if you will consider this one, you might think that this kind of set up in a relationship is fine. That being a submissive is totally okay and this fucked-up relationship will turn out to be a fairy tale. This is fiction, but this could also affect readers. This is not an ideal relationship to start with. I find this very self depreciating for every woman who would conform to this kind of relationship. Book 1 ended tragically, but there is still Book 2 that can avenge Book 1.

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