This is the second book that I read for this year. This particular book, tackles about renewal of the things for the betterment of people. It teaches us freedom from all the things that are evil and strengthen our faith with the lord.

Why did I choose to read this book?

The start of the year 2013 is a year for a new life, and for me to leave the past behind. I consider the year 2012 as “not my year”. It was a tough year for me. I trudge the life of unemployment and struggled to be employed again. It was also the time were my relationship with my ex-boyfriend becomes very shaky to the point that we need to say goodbye to save each other from further despair. It was a hard year because I only depend to no one but myself. I survived financially on my own with part time jobs and accessory making. I know my family would support me if I will ask them, but then I realized, I am on the age that I need to stand on my own without my family’s financial aid. For the whole year I was imprisoned with grief from my own failures. I worked hard to achieve my goal and landed on the job that can pay me 3x more than my previous salary as a Nurse. I felt that my burden lifted itself; however, I am still questioning myself about the relationships that I will have in the future. The questions are: Am I capable of loving? Is someone capable of loving me? I know the answer is YES. But due to some relationship failures, it makes me question my credibility. I was trapped in that perception, that I need an aid to get out and to be free.

As I was reading this book, realization sinks in. All negativity and question of faith vanished. I am not saying that all the help that I asked was all answered by this book. It would also depend on your perception of solving your problem, since self help books will only work if you believe that it can indeed help you. As far as I can remember it did helped me to see things in the new perspective. To realize that there is more to life than grief and sorrow, and the only help I need is for me to be FREE.

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Outfit Details:

Top: Betty clothing

Shorts: Cecil McBee

Shoes: Gibi

Bag: July

Belt and Accessories: Beads and Pearls

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The weather in our country is getting hotter and hotter as summer season goes on, because of this, I would always wear cotton or clothes that is heat friendly. I also avoid wearing dark colored clothing as it attracts heat, and by the end of the day you will become a roasted human. 


For this shoot, I opted for a very light top with floral accent on it. That way I will still be able to maintain my fashionable side yet, I feel comfortable as well. A shorts is a must have for the summer, because due to too much heat, even your legs will sweat. This is indeed a very horrible weather!  If you will not be by the beach, then might as well dress like you are in the beach.


I love the comfort that this top gives me, because the cloth feels good against my skin. I paired it with a really nice white shorts. Red is not bad for summer after all, especially if you were able to match it with another good color just like white. It will give you a relaxing feel. 

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This is the first book that I read when the year 2013 started. I promised myself that I will trudge a new life. A life where hatred and anger will not set in. A life where I will forgive and forget the people who hurt me the most.

I went to National Bookstore and the cover of this book caught my eyes. The color is nice and the graphics is good. I am the type of person wherein if I purchase a book, the cover must also be pleasing to the eye. As I was reading the title, it occurred to me the question “Is this what I really needed?”. Then as I flipped the book, it was written in bold letters “ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM A DEEP LOSS IN YOUR LIFE?”. Then another question popped inside my head, “Am I?”. I would be hypocrite is I say no, the person I cannot fool is myself. So I grabbed my purse and went to the cashier to purchase the book.

This book tackles about all type of losses. A loved ones from a separation or divorce, losing someone because of death, may it be a family member, a wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or a friend. It teaches you to learn to accept and move on.

The best part of the book that I like is the message:

“If you love him, set him free: If he comes back, it is because he has never forgotten you. If he does not, forget him.” However, the author has a contradicting idea and formulated his own interpretation that goes like this, “If you love someone, do not let him go without telling him of your pain, and the difficulties that his decision will cause in your life.”

If your beloved returns, do not accept him back before making sure that, during his absence, he has resolved his inner conflicts and has grown.

If your beloved has not returned, do not wait indefinetely; bid your dreams goodbye.

Life has much more in store for you. – John Monbourquette

In my own conclusion, self help books can be very helpful in times of confusion as it provides answers and realization to the questions that you have in mind. However, the best person can help you with your issue is none other than yourself. The decision will not be based on what you read or what the author says. The decision will be all yours and that would defy the life that you will walk through.

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