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Outfit Details:

Swimsuit: Shirjan Glamshop
Cover up: Choies
Sunnies: Topshop


It’s the official start of Fall here in Canada and I am freezing cold already, how much more once winter starts right? This type of weather make me miss Philippines, the tropical weather, the beach and the sun. I love Canada, don’t get me wrong, it is now my new home and so far everything is so good. I think one of the best part of being here in terms of weather is you get to appreciate the season and look forward for it the next year. It also makes you feel excited for the new season to come.


I arrived here on summer which is my original plan exactly to allow my body to adjust with the change in temperature. So on my arrival, it was a bit chilly and can be compared to the rainy season in the Philippines. Now, it’s slowly getting colder and I am saying goodbye to my dresses that I bought from the Philippines, because all of it are for summer.


Looking at this photos right now makes me nostalgic. Makes me wonder when can I do this again? When can I see beautiful beaches again? It’s the time that I get to appreciate Philippines even more. Though, I know it will not take that long before I see it again but this photos brings so much happy memories of the country where I came from.


I am getting emotional, I know, so I need to stop right here. I still have one more blog from Boracay next time so stay tuned!


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Swimwear: Nautilus

Shoes: Melissa

Accessories: Beads and Pearls


I do not have the body of a Victoria Secret model (obviously!), but I have the confidence like one. Any swimsuit will best suit for anyone if it is carried with confidence. Most Filipina women’s are too shy to wear swimsuit. They think that flabs are unflattering and people will just laugh at them. I do have flabs too but what people think doesn’t affect me and I do not think of what people think of me if I wear swimsuit. I want to feel comfortable when swimming and that is the main purpose why swimsuits are made.


My body has undergone disciplined work out with not so proper diet since I love sweets so much. But I am working on trimming down flabs and toning my body. Let us not wait for our body to turn like Adriana Lima’s, instead, let us work to achieve the body like Adriana Lima. Good gave us this body to take care and we must work on getting fit and sexy.



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