This is my second subscription box from GlossyBox and I will be giving my honest review of what I think about the product that I received from their October 2017 box.  If you want to check my other Glossybox review, please click here.

Name of the Box: GlossyBox (Monthly subscription box)

Theme: Elements of Fall

Cost: $21 USD per month (free shipping to the US, $5 shipping to Canada).

Discount: use coupon code TABLET to get a monthly GlossyBox subscription for only $10 per box for the first 3 months!

What you will get: Subscribers will receive 5 Beauty products, 3 of them full-size, valued at over $69. Each box will contain only the top beauty products from well known luxury brands and up-and-coming niche brands.


Unboxing GlossyBox is like opening a present. There is a wow factor with the packaging and presentation. This is by far the prettiest box I received from all my subscription boxes.


This is the first card that I saw when I opened the box, a $50 gift card on all Mockberg watches. This is good for me because I am considering (for a long time) on building a watch collection because first, it is a good investment. Second, I don’t wear bangles anymore so I have to replace them with watches (calling it “adulting”). If I do get my watch, I will be posting a review about it here, so stay tuned.

I’ve actually used the coupon so I am confident in posting this without covering the coupon code. Lol!


The box also include a leaflet with all the information about the products and its retail value.


Here comes the products!


CLOVE + HALLOW Lip Glaze in Spicy – $7.50

Formulated with natural olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter, our PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan Lip Glaze offers inspired color and a dazzling finish without stickiness.

This lip glaze is rich in terms of consistency and I super love the color. Contrary to its description that says it’s not sticky, I felt that it’s sticky when I applied it, but after it got absorbed there is no sticky feel anymore. It’s a nice organic product but personally I am not into Lip glazes so this product is not for me.


LUÉ by Jean Seo ERASE (Full Size) – $15.00

Step 1 of LUE’s Skin Solution Set, ERASE, is a cleansing, exfoliating & brightening powder. Made with non-fat milk powder, finely milled whole grain oats, and a touch of magnesium carbonate, this perfectly pH balanced gommage clears complexion, balances skin, and leaves it radiant and smooth.


I tried this while in the shower to not mess up our toilet sink (that’s a hack in using powder cleanser). It smells like milk and oats which I really like. After application, I let it stay for like 3 minutes and continued massaging my face. I was amazed with the result because my face feels really soft and smooth and it helped in minimizing my pores. I totally love this!


Vasanti Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush – $21.00

This versatile, pro-grade brush transfers pigment from your palette to your lids without loosing intensity (or product) in the process.

I am using a blending brush to put on my eyeshadow so to finally be able to use and eye shadow brush feels different. The brush is packed and soft and the quality is top notch. With this item alone, it already covered the cost of the box. Good job Glossybox!


Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream 2.0oz – $10.00

New cream styler that defends against frizz with ultra-light and pillow-soft hold for long-lasting, smooth, touchable curls.


I dislike receiving hair care products because I have a feeling that there is no product in the market that could save my damaged hair. Plus, before I received the box, I already read reviews of the people who received their box first and they got the perfume. To my surprise and disappointment, I got a hair cream. So without enthusiasm, just to try the product I applied it on my hair. Usually, after shower my hair is all over the place and frizzy, but surprisingly with this product, my hair was tamed and my waves defined. This is my favorite product in this box! I am glad this is what I got instead of the 7ml perfume.


RITUALS USA Shower Foam in Happy Buddha (Full Size) – $15.00

Happy Buddha Shower Foam combines the citrus scent of Sweet Orange and warmth of Cedar Wood.


I super love the scent and it’s very foamy which made the shower experience extra amazing. My skin felt soft and it did not dry my skin.


Total Product Value: $68.50 USD/ $86.49 CAD

Amount paid for this subscription: $26 USD ($21 for the box + $5 shipping fee)/ $33.37 CAD

How much I saved: $42.50 USD/ $53.12 CAD


Conclusion: I love this box just as how much I loved the last month box, but I already cancelled my subscription so “probably” this will be my last review for Glossybox. The products might be worth it, but with all the other subscription I have, this falls in the pricey category. If the boxes will be on sale and I will be eligible I might re sub because with a heavy heart, this parting ways with the subscription box that I like is a bit painful. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about Glossybox but for me I never had any bad experience with them. Though, the box this month was unplanned since I thought when I cancelled my subscription last month, it will be effective immediately. Turns out when you cancel, you will still receive the next box which is why I have this box. So everyone, be careful about this. I did not complain or budge about it because I was not reading the fine prints anyway, and with all these products that I got, it was totally worth it. Plus the coupon for the watch made me happy because I was already planning on buying a watch as a Christmas present for myself. Looks like Christmas will come early for me. Thank Glossybox! Till we meet again.


Can you still get this box: As of today 10/25 yes it is still available.


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They say human beings are resilient, that no matter how great the pain and heartache we still manage to recover. I am not new to this. I’ve endured so much pain that I am surprised I still manage to function fully and did not delve into the pit of depression. I was betrayed by the people I loved, but never in my heart did I ever curse them, instead I prayed for them that they will find the happiness they are looking for that they did not find in me. Once, I was sitting in the bus looking outside the window, trying to hold back tears that is threatening to fall. I forgot my sunglasses, sh*t! I said to myself at the back of my head. An old lady gave her handkerchief to me, when I saw it I cried. I cried, because seeing someone else concerned look made me feel vulnerable. She said “heartache?”, I nodded. She said “Darling, just remember everything happens for a reason. If there is a need for you to get hurt for someone else to be happy, it is part of god’s plan. One day god will bless you and give you your own happiness.” I held on to those words until this day.


In every heartache and betrayal, I am losing a part of me; my self esteem. It takes a lot of effort and will power to rebuild it. To convince myself that I am still worthy and deserving of love that would make me believe in myself again, that I am special because I am. It will take a while for sure, but I am still holding on to the belief that one day I am still worthy to be loved by someone who appreciates every cell in my being, who adores all the aches and pains that have been left behind me and someone who will not give up on me.


Today, I decided to set myself free. I am shattered in the inside but I will create something beautiful from my own fragments. I’ve done this before, and I will do it again. I will not change the tide of my grief, instead, I will allow it to take me wherever it want to take me. I will embrace my sadness like my own temporary tattoo. And I will feel the pain, until it hurts no more.

Outfit Details:

Top, Earrings, Sunglasses and Shoes: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Bag: Michael Kors



Photos from my recent trip to Washington, DC.

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This year, Canada hosted a spectacular event called MOSAÏCANADA 150 to celebrate 150 years of history, values, culture and arts in Canada. When my friend told me about this, we made plans to go there before it ends on October 15, because this is not something that we can visit next year. As far as I know, this is only for this year to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

After a month of planning, we finally decided to drive from Montreal to Gatineau to see this enchanting garden. Located in Jacques-Cartier Park, this one-kilometer stroll through 40 fantastic horticulture arrangements left us in total astonishment. All 30 plant-based sculptures representing Canada’s provinces and territories add meaning to all these masterpieces.

Without further ado, let me take you to a fantastic tour.

Representing Quebec! The moment I saw the Quebec flag on the three boats shaped like fleur-de-lis, I knew I’ve reached our province sculpture.

(Outfit Details: RW&Co top, Forever 21 scarf, Ardene warmer leggings, Guess boots, and Aldo bag)

The biggest of all garden sculpture is Mother Nature, but I call it Te Fiti from Moana.

I have so much respect to the brilliant people behind this because they’ve made my childhood dream come true. It was reported that the Quebec government invested about $2 million for this event, so no wonder it was made to perfection. If you are living in Montreal, Gatineau or Ottawa, I would highly suggest for you to visit this place for a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you enjoyed my photo tour as much as I do in person.


MOSAÏCANADA 150 is located at:
Jacques-Cartier Park, south end
164, Laurier street, Gatineau (Quebec) J8X 3V8

Open from June 30 to October 15, 2017
Opening Hours : Everyday from 10 am to 7 pm
Entrance Fee: FREE!!!

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