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Outfit details:

Dress: Pretty in Pink

Shoes: Parisian

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

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My best friend Joann, who is also my photographer for my fashion blogs, has been my constant companion for food trips. This time, we decided to visit Vanille Cafe & Patisserie. For people with sweet tooth, just like us, a glimpse of a multi-colored macaroons will cause activation of our salivary glands that is responsible for mouthwatering. Oh yeah! Did you ever think that macaroons are quite pricey for its size? Well, that was what I was thinking too, before I tried to indulge on its heavenly taste. We ordered different flavours for each macaroon and every time we bite one, it feels like we entered a trance due to flavours explosion in our mouth. It is surprisingly delectable and it is indeed, small but terrible. Wow!


They also have chocolate cake truffle, mango cheesecake, and blueberry cheesecake. I do bake blueberry cheesecake at home, and I can say I am already good at it. All cheesecakes look the same, they just differ in taste. Same goes to all other cakes and I salute Vanille Cafe and Patiserrie for doing a really good job in improving the taste of their cakes. It is truly a literal definition of the word decadence.

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